Maintaining Growth through Technology

Founded in 2006 by three Gambian professionals, Reliance Financial Services (RFS) operates as a savings-led financial company deeply committed to the development of the Gambian people. To provide financial services to the “average Gambian,” especially those at the base of the economic pyramid, RFS, with CapPlus support, began serving small businesses soon after its founding and it proved to be a profitable and fast growing segment.

A technology plan developed by the CapPlus team guided RFS through a successful IT system conversion that was critical to supporting the institution’s growth. By following the detailed roadmap to set up in-house IT capacity, RFS is now able to manage its IT infrastructure, assets and activities effectively.

CapPlus assisted RFS in an IT system conversion and strengthening of its IT department, working to identify overall business objectives, current levels of IT capabilities, and risks associated with the upgrade of the core banking solution. A CapPlus banking expert provided guidance, oversight and implementation support for the IT department, including annual planning and budgeting, asset management, data management, and security.