Sub-Saharan Africa

  • AG Mortgage Bank, Nigeria
  • Banque Atlantique Group, West Africa
  • BRAC Uganda
  • Cogebanque, Rwanda
  • Commercial Bank of Africa, Kenya
  • CRDB Bank, Tanzania
  • DCB Commercial Bank, Tanzania
  • dfcu Bank, Uganda
  • FBC Bank, Zimbabwe
  • Fortis Microfinance Bank, Nigeria
  • Grooming Centre, Nigeria
  • Jamii Bora Bank, Kenya
  • Madison Finance Company, Zambia
  • MIC Microfinance Bank, Nigeria
  • MicroCred, Senegal
  • National Microfinance Bank (NMB), Tanzania
  • PostBank, Uganda
  • Premier Credit Limited, Kenya
  • Reliance Financial Services, Gambia
  • Sidian Bank (formerly K-Rep), Kenya
  • Sinapi Aba Trust, Ghana
  • SMEP Microfinance Bank, Kenya
  • Stanbic Bank, Uganda
  • Sterling Bank, Nigeria
  • Tanzania Women’s Bank
  • TUHF, South Africa
  • Union Bank of Cameroon

South Asia

  • BRAC, Afghanistan
  • BRAC Bank, Bangladesh
  • CRIDS, India
  • Federal Bank, India
  • FINCA, Pakistan
  • IDLC, Bangladesh
  • Kashf Foundation, Pakistan
  • Khushhali Bank, Pakistan
  • RBL Bank, India
  • Samruddhi, India
  • Satin Creditcare Network, India

East Asia & Pacific

  • Enterprise Thrift Bank, Philippines
  • Planters Development Bank, Philippines
  • PNG Microfinance Limited, Papua New Guinea
  • Sathapana, Cambodia
  • XacBank, Mongolia
  • XacLeasing, Mongolia

Europe & Central Asia

  • Asian Credit Fund, Kazakhstan
  • Bai Tushum Bank, Kyrgyzstan
  • Bank Eskhata, Tajikistan
  • IMON International, Tajikistan
  • Inecobank, Armenia
  • Turan Bank, Azerbaijan

Middle East & North Africa

  • Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC), Jordan
  • Ibdaa Microfinance, Lebanon
  • National Microfinance Bank (Alwatani), Jordan
  • Tanmeyah MicroEnterprise Services, Egypt
  • Vitas SAL, Lebanon

Latin America & the Caribbean

  • Banco G&T Continental, Guatemala
  • COOPSAMA, Guatemala
  • Idepro, Bolivia

CapPlus works closely with organizations that are committed to scaling SME finance in emerging economies

Equator Capital Partners, USA

Equator Capital, established in tandem with CapPlus, invests equity from the ShoreCap funds in financial institutions while CapPlus provides capacity building to improve their financial and development results

Mastercard Foundation, Bank of Ghana and Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network

Mastercard Foundation, Bank of Ghana and Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN) are CapPlus’ partners in delivering FIRST+ in Ghana. FIRST+ is catalyzing systemic change to accelerate job creation in Ghana through small business growth powered by access to finance. Through FIRST+, CapPlus applies an ecosystem development approach to address the underlying challenges that inhibit financial institutions’ lending to small businesses, partnering with them to change mindsets, implement proven methodologies and practices, and tailor financial services for women and youth, with a focus on the agricultural sector.


  • European Investment Bank
  • Horizon Therapeutics
  • Government of Luxembourg
  • Mastercard Foundation
    United States
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