CapPlus Webinar: Upscaling Khushhali: Transitioning to Profitably Serve the Missing Middle

Small businesses are often too small for banks or too big for microfinance organizations, falling into the “missing middle” of business finance. But financial institutions that do it right find the SME sector profitable and an effective way of building the local economy. In this webinar, CapPlus Senior Advisor Lisa Thomas and Ghalib Nishtar, President of Khushhali Microfinance Bank (Pakistan) present a case study on Khushhali’s transition from an NGO to a MFI and eventually to a registered bank serving the SME sector. Your financial institution can learn how to best capture the market of the missing middle based on Khushhali’s experiences.

• Doing market research to understand new client base
• Growing with your client to meet their financial needs
• Changing risk approaches and the guarantee model
• Diversifying your products
• Being competitive
• Value from mining and understanding SME data that you will gather