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Upcoming Event: March 21, 2019

CapPlus Webinar: Double Your Financial Institution’s Sales to SMEs – Proven, Integrated Sales Development Approach

Do you know…
• Which of the 6 fundamental sales models would work best for your bank, at your current stage of development, and in your specific market?
• Where to allocate your efforts in the 4 essential building blocks of sales capability for best return?
• How to implement a disciplined, forward-looking sales process to guarantee results?
These are some of the questions this webinar will answer, with actual examples to illustrate each point. This webinar will also provide templates you can take away and start using immediately, so you can boost your sales with methods some of the best financial institutions in the world are already doing.

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Upcoming Event: April 11, 2019

CapPlus Webinar: Big Profit from Big Data – Practical Ways to Embrace “Digital Readiness”

Did you ever wonder…
• If your company is ready for digital transformation?
• If not, where you should focus first to turn technology into profit?
• What are the 10 basic steps you can use today to monetize the data you already have?
• How the best companies in the world use these steps?
• Where do most companies fail in using Big Data and how to avoid their fate?
This webinar will cover current trends and best practices in our “Brave New Digital World”. Each point is illustrated by actual examples. A “Digital Readiness” self-evaluation score sheet will also be provided, so that you can start focusing exactly where you need to in order to improve your efficiency in turning data into profit.

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Upcoming Event: May 8, 2019 - May 10, 2019

AFSIC 2019

We are excited to have Peter Hinton, our Senior Advisor, Low-Fee Schools, speaking at AFSIC 2019!

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Past Events

SANABEL: Credit Scoring Workshop: Building Viable Credit Scorecards for MFIs

This highly interactive 1-day workshop offered MFIs the opportunity to test credit scoring models and build a simple credit scorecard to take back and test at their financial institutions.

Credit scoring, the process of building statistical models to predict willingness and ability to repay loans, can help MFIs to increase their scale of lending and reach new markets that can’t be served by traditional lending. Credit scorecards are built from both external and in-house data and provide MFIs an automated and cost-effective lending tool. Use of nontraditional data like utility bills and mobile transactions can help underserved individuals and small businesses obtain credit for the first time, opening a whole new customer base for MFIs while lowering transaction costs.

Many MFIs struggle with building financial data to build scorecards or may lack the know-how to create viable scorecards. This session will provide an overview of credit scoring for MFIs, including best practices from around the world, and showcase simple credit scorecards, with real life data that institutions can use to build a more specialized scorecard for their institution.

1- Introduction on credit scoring – overview, definitions, how it works and scorecard examples
2- How to build an expert vs. statistical scorecard based on real world examples and data
3- Challenges and solutions in using scorecards for MFIs – how to implement at their institution

Past Events

Global SME Finance Forum 2016

Presented by SME Finance Forum in partnership with CapPlus, the Global SME Finance Forum 2016 is our annual gathering of senior leaders of financial institutions, development finance institutions, non-bank investors (angel investors and venture capitalists), fintech companies, policymakers and regulators. This flagship conference is a unique global event focused on improving finance for small and medium enterprises. We are pleased to offer platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsorship tiers for the Global Forum 2016, and aim to provide our sponsors the utmost opportunities to highlight their brands, actively engage in professional networking and make valuable business connections through logo placement, advert, booth, social media recognition and many more channels.

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