The strategic value of Human Centred Design for financial institutions in emerging markets, Part 2

In this second webinar, we will describe the research methods and analytical techniques that provide HCD practitioners with powerful insights and actionable strategic tools that enable organisations to develop roadmaps towards customer-centricity.

We will describe frameworks for change such as omni-channel strategies that integrate digital alongside traditional channels to build customer experience, employee engagement and commercial value and strategies that align customer needs with core services, products and behaviours.

We will describe a basic toolbox of HCD techniques that small financial services organisations may wish to try in a workshop environment to enable them to assess and ask questions about their customer centricity. Throughout we will provide practical examples from recent work undertaken successfully with a microfinance initiative in central Asia.

Participants will take away a practical set of tools that will enable them to undertake an initial assessment of the customer centricity of their organisation and frame their thinking around the needs of their customers.