The strategic value of Human Centred Design for financial institutions in emerging markets, Part 1

Human Centred Design (HCD) delivers innovation and services that meet customers’ needs in ways that more traditional approaches do not. It affects change by framing organisations as systems, with customer needs at the centre. In this first webinar we will focus on the value that Human Centred Design can bring to SME and small business banking in emerging markets.

We will describe the key foundations of HCD and the fundamental steps in the process. We will describe some of the key strategic outcomes that financial institutions typically gain with professional HCD support. We will illustrate these through case studies from Europe and the US that have led to better outcomes in banking, credit and insurance. We will provide practical examples from recent work undertaken with a microfinance initiative in central Asia.

Participants will take away an understanding of the fundamental HCD ethos and method, and how professional intervention could benefit their organisations.