CapPlus Webinar: The Talent Management Continuum for SME Bankers (English)

MFIs and SME/small business banks have realized that their employees’ talents and skills drive their business success. In this webinar, we will focus on how to identify the talent within your organization, along with the steps you can take to enhance and grow your talent and attract new talent to your organization

Talent Management was initially used as an HR tool in the recruitment process. It has since developed into an essential business wide practice, used by management to cover many areas such as succession planning, development of the organisation and individuals, performance enhancement and organisational capability.

This webinar will demonstrate a successful Talent Management Continuum, and will cover areas including:

  • Attracting talent and creating an attractive organizational brand
  • Developing your talent – talent pools and skill will matrix
  • Managing your talent through objectives setting
  • The succession planning process
  • Evaluating your talent against objectives and development plans
  • Retaining your talent
  • Talent management policy