Credit Risk & Problem Loan Management Workshop

CapPlus brought together 50 individuals from 17 organizations across 11 countries for our Credit Risk & Problem Loan Management Workshop, presented in partnership with CRISIL Risk Solutions. Attendees shared best practices, challenges, and shared experiences while fintech providers, industry leaders, and a team of highly experienced facilitators approached the topic across a range of levels. Shri R. Gandhi, Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India and Usha Thorat, formerly DG of Reserve Bank of India and CAFRAL, opened and closed the sessions with high-level discussion of credit risk and the particular challenges it presents to SME finance. Sessions included:

• Loan Monitoring & Problem Loan Management: Strategies, Tools, & Templates
• Technology Solutions for Credit Scoring: A Panel Discussion
• Case Study on SME Problem Loan Management
• Workshop & Product Demo on CRISIL’s Early Warning System