CapPlus Webinar: Consultative Selling To SMEs: How to Build a Long-Term Relationship with Your Customers

Is selling an art or a science? Who should sell in a financial institution and what does “Relationship Selling” mean? How can we better communicate with our SME customers to understand their needs and address their concerns?

Join CapPlus expert Mihaela Ciobotea for a webinar that answers these questions. The webinar also provides practical approaches, case studies and templates. This interactive session covers the process of selling from planning to execution, and includes time management tools, solutions for improved customer experience and real life tips gathered from SME bankers around the world.

We all agree that customers are a company’s greatest assets and strong, healthy customer relationships drive sales and growth. Join the webinar to find out how far your institution is on the path to a successful, long term banking relationship with your SME customers.

During the webinar you will:
· Learn about the CapPlus approach to configuring sales to SMEs
· Understand the importance of a structured selling process
· Find out what are the ingredients needed for developing a successful relationship selling process in your organization, based on real situations
· Identify the pitfalls to avoid
· Ask questions and get clarifications