CapPlus Webinar: Managing a Successful IT Conversion at Your Institution

A financial institution’s core banking system is both fundamental to its business and a significant capital investment. Yet many conversions to upgrade products and services with a new core banking system are not well managed and outcomes don’t meet expectations. Solutions to improving outcomes all have a common thread – a well-managed project, following best practice steps. CapPlus has created an IT Conversion Toolkit, designed with practitioners’ needs in mind, that provides guidance, templates, risk strategies, and processes that are key to a successful system conversion. The toolkit begins with the flags that trigger a need for a major system upgrade and progresses through the final rollout of the system and post rollout institutionalization of lessons learned. Drawing on real life examples, this webinar explains:

  • The project management process
  • The key, common steps to a system conversion
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Risks to recognize and how to manage them
  • Crucial points where the toolkit can provide guidance